Friday, October 6, 2017

Today, I wore heels

I am a repented heels wearer...

When I just started working at CU, I wore heels everyday-- For a while, wearing heels became the only way people could differentiate me from the students. Apparently, I looked too small to be a lecturer 😒😒I took my heels wearing seriously o, I proper had a mini heels closet in my office incase of incassities. Just in case the one I wore from home decided to be used by my village people by breaking unexpectedly. It's better to be prepared biko.  

But in the last two years, I have won heels on only occasions where I had to give a speech, or collect an award or sha climb stage... And even when I wear heels, I always go prepared with flats ready to change, because 'I cannot come and go and kill myself upon heels.'. mba. Then again, I just think eeissss old age.

However, this morning I woke up feeling like a "bae". I knew I was in the mood to slay them all--- so I looked at my shoe rack, and picked the simplest heels I could find -- A black studded cover shoe (4 inch). 
Trust, me it's one of the simplest heels I have.
I have the weirdest heels in my collection--- I have one gaga leopard skin heelless shoe that I got in 2012 by inspiration 😃😃 that I haven't worn even once-- the shoe has just been doing solo exhibition in my closet collecting dust.
Anyway, so I put on my black studded cover shoes, walked from my bed room to the living room, which is approximately 2 feet away, and my feet were already killing me 😩😩 (see what I did there? feet feet 😉)
But just as they say, beauty is pain-- I "womaned" up, and wore the shoes to my first class, with the hope (key word hope) that I'd run home to change immediately after the class. But we all know how things turn out when we make certain types of plan-- Let's just say the class ended by 10:00am, but I didn't get home till 5:05pm 😩😩.

But it wasn't all bad, I got really nice compliments-- you know how wearing heels naturally makes you feel like the best thing since sliced bread (I have never understood this expression, because I generally don't even like sliced bread)-- You should have seen the way I sashayed and sashayed across campus today. Even the place they didn't send me, I sha went to shake hips 😃😃

"Ma, I love your shoes". I am positive I got that like ten times in three minutes from my "extended" students.
"Ahhh! Ms Mo! Your shoes ehhn! Babe!" 😩😩 these ones are my nuclear students lol.
I feel the need to differentiate between my extended and nuclear students-- just like the family structure, my extended students are those that I taught just a course or two all through their stay at the University, or some that just know me as a lecturer, but I haven't actually taught them in class. Of course, we have good rappor, but we just aren't guys
While my nuclear students are those ones that I wore pampers for when they just entered the University as first year students, most of them are in their final year, and I have taught them at least six different courses all through their stay at the University -- these ones are my guys!

The compliments didn't stop there o! I had to rush to the bank after my class to lay complaints about some transactions I did two weeks ago that they decided to debit my account, but the money did odeshi to get to its destination (I am honestly just tired of Nigerian banks, and I don't seem to have the best of luck with them). 
On getting to the general banking hall, I was directed to meet the accounts manager two doors away-- Immediately, I entered the office, the accounts manager gauged me from head to feet-- upon sighting my shoes, the guy just said to another employee "It just got hot in here, please turn on the AC". I really couldn't laugh 😂  Like he said it with such seriousness that I couldn't initially tell whether he was actually feeling hot because of the weather or he was trying to be naughty. On the positive side the guy was really nice to me, and I got my account sorted.

I just got home now, and "My feet are killing me" is an understatement of my present condition. I really need to get back on this heels business--- I cannot carry last. 


  1. This heels business...Issa movement lol. Great writing.

    1. Isssa serious movement oo! Lol!
      Thank you. Keep reading