Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I can't handle my liquor. What's happening

I'm used to feeling all badass with myself, knowing that I could down shots of vodka and feel absolutely normal, have glasses of wine and still feel absolutely normal.. My dad actually started getting scared, he almost banned me from going to his wine bar, in fact who am I kidding? This man banned me from drinking his alcohol, because in a week, I probably had at least three bottles down, wether it be spirit or red wine, but as a boss that I am, I always sneaked around him, but obviously he knew, and was really skeptical about me coming to Scotland, saying I left Ireland and Irish wine and Guinness, and now I am moving to Scotland : whiskey..

Anyhoo, so recently, because of my exams and all, I barely had time to drink, with the hopes that after exams I 'll get my game back on track. Hmm.. so this faithful day after my last paper, I went to a friend's to have drinks.. omo after two shots of JD I started seeing the spiritual... "double lomo" I was ashamed mehn! ahn han, me that will down almost half a bottle of JD, give me music and I'll be fine... *sigh* I just carried my kaia*luggage* and went to my room, before I began to manifest the spiritual.

So yeah, still feeling like a badass, I went on a date the other day, to this really nice Thai restaurant, so my date ordered red wine *obviously* with the meal, lool... after two sips of the red wine, I just *jejeli* asked for water. The sad part was before we ordered the wine, I had already bragged about both my impeccable taste in wine and my ability to hold my liquor... *sigh*

Now I feel like those people that get tipsy from red bull *energy drink* :( and yes! I know someone like that....

However nigger and niggeresses! I have decided to quite drinking or smoking or anything that'll affect my body in the future.. *ha! who am I kidding? It's gonna be hard to stop, I tell you* mainly because I like challenges and I see myself challenging my OWN body to a liquor competition. *sigh* :(

I tried escaping the question... but my sister knows me too well
Oh btw! Have I told you how much I hate dinner dates *sigh* eating and someone else will be watching your mouth? what is that? if you wanna take me on a date, lets go play laser tag, now that's a date :D
I should totally blog about my last restaurant date, but I don't want misconceptions, and I don't want to owe anyone an apology.. But it was epic I tell you.. just know, I had to have them pack my meal for me as takeaway.

Oh, and I faked a birthday yesterday :D LOL! it was just a joke oh, but I got so many birthday wishes :D and almost got a present :(

End of storyyyyyyyy....
my sister's reply to my birthday status :( 

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