Thursday, April 5, 2018

Coffee for your cravings?

Once upon a time, 
the best part of my day was my coffee period.
I made it a duty to have at least three cups of finely brewed coffee beans per day. 
I hate to admit it, but I was a coffee addict.

The best part of my addiction was the added beauty of milk and sugar.
At the first sip, I always felt like I could be whoever I wanted. 
By the second gulp, while my body remained on earth, 
my mind and soul were far away in a different universe. 

A universe filled with so much love and pampering. 
If I got asked by a genie to make a wish, 
all I wanted then was to always have my cup of finely brewed coffee, milk and sugar. 

But who am I, if my obesophobic self doesn't come to remind me about how FAT I can get after consuming three cups of the heavenly goodness every day πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Remember my post on being obesophobic

And so I quit taking coffee. 
It was a difficult period in my life, 
I had to get rid of all cups, coffee, milk and sugar both at home and at the office. 
And it worked. 

For just a while...

But on Saturday I had a meeting at Crust and Cream in Victoria Island, and I couldn't help but remember my old love. 

The cafe had the smell of freshly brewed exotic coffee beans, a calm yet lively scenario, beautiful paintings and apt writings on the wall 

I knew I had to backslide even for just a minute
 I couldn't imagine sitting in such amazing space and not having even the smallest cup of coffee. 

So, when it was time to make my order, 
I defiled all the cravings in my head, 
and picked the best thing on the menu.

Alas guys! My pull out game is strong!  
I ordered a bottle of water πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Monday, March 12, 2018

Oh Stupid One

You know that Monday morning feeling? 
When you really don’t want to leave the bed? 

So, once again, you wish you could just be a very wealthy house wife?
So you can chill in an air conditioned house all day?
and not have to face human beings? 
or this really hot Lagos sun? 

But, you come back to reality
Ordinary teacher like you?
You have to face a few hundred students
In a classroom with only fans.

So, you get out of bed, 
say a prayer (or have a devotion), 
take a shower, dress up, put on makeup 
and put on a smile, 
hoping to have a great day. 

Wait what? Why can’t my car’s door open? 
And that’s when I noticed the dent in the front fender— some idiot had hit my car, given it a very deep dent and gone away, like he/she did nothing. 

This just ruined my already self imposed happy Monday
I was extremely pissed 
My plans for the day had a dramatic change
I had to spend about two hours at the panel beaters,
stayed under the scorching sun longer than expected
 paid money that I am “managing” 
and yet, it is still obvious that the car was hit. 
But still, I smile— 
because I wouldn’t allow a stupid one ruin my day or week! 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

You are next in line

Growing up, 
I always had the feeling that girls with older brothers had life easier for several reasons:
they learnt to be tough from a young age
they had someone available to fight any of their battles
it’s just generally cool to have an older brother
plus you can have many females sucking up to you, with the hope of being your brother's girlfriend 

But brethren, I came to this world after girls, 
while the boys came after me— so, two things I always really wanted: 
a senior brother and a junior sister (to become my protΓ©gΓ©e), I never had.

On several occasions, I borrowed senior brothers, and even borrowed junior sisters
But, I knew one day, the good Lord will smile on me! 

And in the past two weeks the Lord has finally smiled on me, 
we’ve had two marriages in my family — both my sisters. 
Remember Sister Queen? And my Sister, Jennifer? 

In the middle of February, Sister Queen got married to my first ever big brother πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬
Yoruba traditional weddings are apparently really beautiful— I never knew that because I cannot remember ever attending one. 
I guess it was even more beautiful because I was a part of it. 

Apart from the stress— I literally became the errand girl at home during preparations: 
"Deborah come and carry this bucket"
"Deborah, drive them to pick up the pots"
"Deborah, come and serve your aunty’s food"
"Deborah, go and buy milk"
Deborah this... Deborah that. 
A day before the wedding, I threw a major tantrum -- I was proper tired, yet I was sent to do everything per minute. 
I just left everyone downstairs and went to take a hard reset — sleep

Anyway, apart from the stress, the traditional wedding was amazing — 
I danced with so much joy, 
my sister looked so beautiful, 
my parents were running on 2 hours sleep, 
but they were so happy, 
I saw family and friends I hadn’t seen since I was ten— 
I even met one of my dad’s friends that asked if I remembered him— the last time he saw me, I was barely two years old ooo
So how I am supposed to remember him, I dunno oo

Yesterday, Sister Jennifer had her wedding introduction,
it was a very simple introduction ceremony, but absolutely nice 
Both husband and wife are pretty  shy and conservative, 
So they stuck to simple

So now, all the females from the Motilewa clan — from my dad directly, are all married... except me. 

And so the prayers have started 
You are next in line in Jesus’ name” 
We are coming for you ooo”
“Your own day is just around the corner” 
“Next month, we are coming for yours”

Likeeeee! Guys, can you please allow me finish celebrating with my sisters first? 

I am really really happy guys! My family has expanded 

It definitely seems like 2018 is a “marriage” year oo. All my personal people are starting their own families ❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, February 8, 2018

So much butt kissing, my mouth stinks

It's just Thursday, 
Yet, I have already kissed so much butt this week my mouth stinks  
I really find it difficult to understand why people make life unnecessarily difficult for others.
If you are in a position to get something done for another person, do so without waiting for the person to "salivate" all over you

Sometimes, I think it is the "power hungry" part of human beings that make them major annoying.

Give a rabbit small power now
he'll begin to feel like he is at the top of the food chain
But oh no -- the fox shows up and eats him up.

Oh now, mr Fox has gained a little power, and assumes kingship 
Just wait till a lion makes him its dinner. 
Bottom line,
If you are in the position to get something done for another person -- whether as a favour or as part of your duties -- just get it done and over with-- don't wait to be begged!

On the positive side, guess what? 
My very own personal big baby is getting married this weekend!