Thursday, April 5, 2018

Coffee for your cravings?

Once upon a time, 
the best part of my day was my coffee period.
I made it a duty to have at least three cups of finely brewed coffee beans per day. 
I hate to admit it, but I was a coffee addict.

The best part of my addiction was the added beauty of milk and sugar.
At the first sip, I always felt like I could be whoever I wanted. 
By the second gulp, while my body remained on earth, 
my mind and soul were far away in a different universe. 

A universe filled with so much love and pampering. 
If I got asked by a genie to make a wish, 
all I wanted then was to always have my cup of finely brewed coffee, milk and sugar. 

But who am I, if my obesophobic self doesn't come to remind me about how FAT I can get after consuming three cups of the heavenly goodness every day 😔😔😔
Remember my post on being obesophobic

And so I quit taking coffee. 
It was a difficult period in my life, 
I had to get rid of all cups, coffee, milk and sugar both at home and at the office. 
And it worked. 

For just a while...

But on Saturday I had a meeting at Crust and Cream in Victoria Island, and I couldn't help but remember my old love. 

The cafe had the smell of freshly brewed exotic coffee beans, a calm yet lively scenario, beautiful paintings and apt writings on the wall 

I knew I had to backslide even for just a minute
 I couldn't imagine sitting in such amazing space and not having even the smallest cup of coffee. 

So, when it was time to make my order, 
I defiled all the cravings in my head, 
and picked the best thing on the menu.

Alas guys! My pull out game is strong!  
I ordered a bottle of water 😔😔😔

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