Monday, December 3, 2012

Baba God Noni!! Msc (Economics)

Happy Monday guys :) As many of you already know, I resigned from work last Friday.. 
so right now I have all the time in the world to just chill and do MEEEEEE! hence me blogging on a Monday morning.. I am sure I'll regret this decision when I become broke :( 
I have so much to blog about it is alarming, I'll take it in posts tho, not going to cram it all in one post. An important lesson I learnt recently on pride will be shared on here too.

It was my graduation last week Thursday.. whoop! whoop! Msc (Econs) baby! 
My parents couldn't make it, because it coincided wih my grandmother's burial :( R.I.P gran gran :(  
But it was still so much fun. I got to see my course mates, most of whom I haven't seen in months,
I am just like "can ya'll face the camera" not interested in the yarns... L-R (lol) Kasara's big head at the back, Debbie, John, Prof Phimister*my course coordinator*, Doe oghene Doe, Chika and Fari 
 I got to wear an outfit from my(debbie's) December collection. :D
You be my fine fine lady hunhh!
 I got to listen to my graduation ceremony in Latin.. yes! they spoke Latin throughout the ceremony, and proceeded in smacking every graduant's head while saying something that sounded like "atekriyo"

 I got to take pictures with so many people, while feeling like a star in shinning armour *not sure why I just wrote that* My beautiful friends came to show their support, they acted as my family; well some of them are already family tho.. But it was so good to have them around, even though I had to hustle for extra tickets for them, seeing as I had only two tickets. 
LOL! Brother Makinde doing fine boy at the back 

I got to see Tola's mum, trust me, I quickly famzed her, joining her to the list of my mothers... but tbh, we do look alike...  
No, but seriously, can't ya'll see the similarities?
I didn't personally take pictures, but as a Celebrity that I am, people were everywhere begging to take a picture of me *I just can't shout*. 
At the end of it all, I give glory to God, because without him where would I be? Baba God no ni!!!!!

Go girl!!!!!!

- Bolanle Deborah Chiamaka Motilewa Ba (hons) Msc (Econs) 


  1. Don't you just hate when you throw that hat and have to pick it up yourself, loll kmt. Congrats girl.

    1. LOL! You have no idea how annoying it is.... and you have to grab yours fast before someone else takes it... so while throwing it up, you have an eye looking at where exactly it falls.. kmmmmt!!!
      Thanks hun :)