Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dr Motilewa

Hey guys :)

Happy Tuesday :) for those of you in school or at work, I know how Tuesday feels. It symbolizes a day closer to the weekend :D
When I was writing about how I had so much to post about yesterday, this post wasn't in my head. It just came into being some minutes ago. I'll try to be as explanative as possible as I need advice, opinions or whatever you can from you guys.

So, it was my graduation last week, two degrees now, and I am already aiming for the third one. I've for sometime now bn considering doing a phD.. well it was my daddy's idea earlier on, and tbh I couldn't be bothered. But after sometime, I actually saw where he was coming from and paid more attention to the whole phD thing.
Anyway, this morning, few minutes ago... I was watching "new girl" and there was this doctor friend of Jess, a gynecologist to be precise. When I was younger, in my science days, I always wanted to be a gynecologist, even up till when I changed my major to accounting and Finance, I still considered volunteering in hospitals. Years into Accounting and Finance and I kind of closed the whole medicine chapter, throughout my masters program I barely thought about it, because to an extent I felt I was were I was supposed to be. The only time I thought about my medicine dream was whenever I saw or heard of a doctor. "aww! that is where I should be" always crossed my mind.

Anyway, after seeing Jess' gynecologist friend, a big question mark was left in my heart. "WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO A PHD DEBO?" of course I have answered this question on numerous occasions, I loved my field, I wanted to research more, I needed to know more....., but at the root of all these, I WANTED TO BE CALLED A DOCTOR. I may have escaped bn called a medical doctor, but I am still inline to bn called an Educational doctor.
And that's where it hit me... why can't I go back to school and study medicine instead?