Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Not Today Please

Today, I am upset.

It's just 1:22pm and everything, I mean EVERYTHING has actually annoyed me today....

You know how you start a day with a big grin on your face, wear one of your best office dresses, think of having a nice breakfast, but you remember that you have a condition called "sleep after eating"- when you feel sleepy immediately after a meal (Yes. I made up the name of the condition), so you instead just have a glass of water. You leave the house with a strong feeling of "Yes! Today is the day". The problem was, you never said what exactly today is the day for...

First stop -- Chapel service  -- We have 2 - hours chapel services on Tuesdays and Thursdays where I work (It is a Christian school, so we have to fellowship together). Every member of the school's community is mandated to attend either of the services. I usually go for Tuesday's service, because I have back to back classes on Tuesday (starting from 12 pm till 5pm, so I might as well just start my day early), while on Thursdays I have no classes, so I generally term it a lazy day. Also, Tuesday is just perfect for "emergency purposes"-- so just incase I forget myself in dream land, or I have to urgently go for well.. just go somewhere sha... and for whatever reason, I am not able to attend Tuesday's service, at least I have Thursday's service to attend without facing the risk of getting what we call "A love letter".

Chapel service was great! It has been a while since I actually listened in church-- if it is not pressing phone, it is gisting with my friend Deola. Somehow somehow, our gist never ends even when we have seen for days un-end *sigh* But today I sly-ed Deola, and went to chapel service without her :D. It's like my spirit already knew that I needed to start my day grounded in God's word, so I don't punch someone.

Next stop -- The banks! And this is where it all started going wrong-- I got into UBA's banking hall by 9:30am, first to receive a Western union transfer, as I am typing this (already 1:24 pm), the money has said "odeshi, I am not entering your account". I then decided to try the ATMs to get cash to do another transfer.. You should see the queue at the ATM, the best way to explain it is-- I stood on this queue for thirty minutes, and somehow it didn't get to my turn to withdraw.

I thought "Hey! Let me go into the bank to use a withdrawal slip instead" (Note, this is another bank-- our community bank where salaries are paid). I got into the bank, and I really could not breathe-- Salaries had been paid over the long weekend, so today was the first working day. Somehow, the whole University community was in the bank trying to do one bank transaction or the other. I then decided to just kukuma go back to my space at the ATM queue.

Before leaving the ATM queue, I had hinted the people before and after me of my possible return, but it just appeared like a miracle occurred for the 5 minutes I was away--  by the time I came out of the bank, the queue that I had stood on one spot for 30 minutes, had drastically moved, so much that everyone I knew on the queue had miraculously collected their money and gone, there was now a line of faces I didn't know. I honestly just gave up, and went back to check my Western Union transfer. All this while, I was still keeping track of the transaction-- apparently, the "system was booting for the two hours I was wasting up and down", I plan to go back after posting this.

Finally, I decided to go to another "far away" bank to try to withdraw some money, and guess what? I was debited, but no money came out-- so now I have to fight that battle with the bank😒  I just found a way to waste three hours on banks and ATMs with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Then to cap it all-- I went to class un prepared, cos I apparently had to fill in for a colleague that couldn't make it to class last minute-- and trust me! the worst thing ever is to do make up and be looking like a fine geh when you are unprepared *heavy sigh*

I am just tired :( The stress to collect my own money. 

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  1. Lol, this is what happens when you ditch, sly, 'Deola!!
    Pele (sorry). I have those kind of days as well. Nice patience!!