Monday, June 3, 2013

What is happening to me? Midlife crisis?

Hey guys,

I am about to lament to ya'll, this really isn't the life God promised me..
I am not sure what to call what i am going through at the moment, but it feels like what people call midlife crisis.
I am a child of God, I am not of this world, why should I be going through what the heathens are going through? Why should I go through mid life crisis?
You know that period of time when almost nothing makes you really happy? Or as happy as you used to be?
That period of time that feels like life is running past you, leaving you alone?
When you feel dazed. Through out the day? Like you are naturally high?
When you can barely account for your daily activities?
When you feel almost emotionless? To the extent you have to keep reminding yourself "I love my mum, i love my dad, i love my siblings, I love my boyfriend, I love my friends" Just in the hope that you'll finally start feeling something all over again?
You know that period when you feel so distant from all. That all you wanna do is just stay in bed all day and cry? YUPP! THAT'S HOW I FEEL
I think i am just searching for fulfilment at the moment...

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