Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ope Ireland

Hey guys...

You know those situations where all you can scream is AWKWARD!!! Yeah? Yesterday I had one of those.

Characters in this story: Ekpedeme, Ope Ireland, Ope ChrisLand also known as "Ope Ireland"

So I have this friend called Ekpedeme, if you have bn following my blog, he is the one whose beautiful sisters attract me to their weddings.
I have this other friend called Ope, also known or saved on my phone as "OPE IRELAND". Ope and I used to live in Ireland together, while I schooled in Dublin, Ope schooled in Limerick or Cork, one of those places sha.. We actually hardly saw, he was more of a friend of friends... So we spoke just a couple of times when i was with my friends that are his friends. Well apart from when he came for my graduation dinner to chop free food. *i joke oo. Ope you know I've got love for you*
Anyway, so sometime in January, Ekpedeme invited me to his birthday dinner here in Abuja, and lo and behold, who did I see? Ope Ireland... So we got talking, exchanged numbers and kept in touch.
So two Saturday's ago *Ekpedeme's sister's wedding* we all went for some guy's after party at City park.
Somehow somehow, Ekpedeme recognised a guy at the party; Ope Chrisland as one of our seniors from secondary school. Apparently he was in SS3 when we were in Js3. We got talking, and once again my number got transferred.

Now the story begins *drum rolls*

Sometime last week, I got a missed call from an unknown number.
Me: Hey, who is this?
Unknown Caller: Hey watsup? It's Ope...
Okay. At this point I should have asked "er... Ope from where?"
However, my brain just decided to register the Ope as Ope Ireland.
So i stored his number by the name "Ope Ireland" alongside the original Ope Ireland...
Me: oh. How many numbers do you have? Ahn han! See you using bedroom voice for me.

Ope Ireland and I are quite cool, so I expected the whole 'shouty' thing when he called, however when I got the "bedroom voice" I just assumed maybe he had finally given his life to Christ...
Anyway, We spoke once or twice, I even called him "hey darling" once... and I could hear the shock in his voice, but I yabbed him and moved on... Then yesterday, "Ope Ireland" was like he was close to my office, and would love to come pick me up.
Of course I said yes.... Thinking it was Ope Ireland.
So I closed from work, "Ope Ireland" was waiting for me in the car... You should at this point know i am fairly blind, and I wasn't wearing my glasses...
I went to the car, opened the door, and lo and behold I saw a different face.
JESUUUU! I almost fainted... I sha rapidly apologised... "Omg! I am so sorry, my friend was coming to get me, and since you were parked here, i thought you were the one"
I shut the door and quickly walked back to my colleague that was still by the office entrance.
Okay guys, let me explain better. Remember I saw Ope Chrisland just once at the party? I did not remember him one bit. I totally forgot I met another Ope that day... I was kind of too tired to remember a name or a face.... So to me, the face I saw when I opened the door was that of a stranger.
While standing by the office entrance, "Ope Ireland" called me, and I was like "Ope where are you?" And he was like "I was the one in the car"
So I went back to the car, and looked at the face more closely, with my glasses on this time around.... Yes the face looked familiar, but I couldn't place the face still.. So I had to ask him to explain how we know each other and how he got my number... *sigh*.... Thats when the truth came out...
I felt so stupid! All the while i was talking to Ope Chrisland, I thought it was Ope Ireland...


  1. Lmao,omg!!!! Ds girl u crazy...nice one...keep ds up

  2. Lol! Funny story...must have been more awkward 4 d poor guy...bolu kush :*