Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Double OOTD

Hey darlings! It is exactly a week to my birthday... Am I excited or whhaaattttt?
Lol! Actually I am having mixed feelings about my birthday.. I think I am going to have a really quiet one this year *not like I've had noisy ones in the past*
Anyway.. Post of the day :) OOTD!
It is natural hair week :)
I got irritated by my weave on Sunday night, so I got up at night and took it out :D
Good job Debbie!!! Now I have to carry my natural hair for a whole week, for two reasons:
1. I have no time to go to the salon. I've bn super duper busy since I got back from Lagos.
2. I dont know what hairstyle to do next... :( I am thinking of going back to my dreads... :( I am not sure yet... Dunno if I should wait till after my birthday or not...

Blazer: Atmosphere
Pants: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf: my trademark H& M scarf
Shoe: Prada
Model: Miss Debbie.
Photography: Engineer Chima (My colleague)

Blazer: New look
Inner wear: Primark
Jewelries: River Island
Flats: Atmosphere
Hair: Curly, thanks to my mum's emily coconut hair concoction

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