Sunday, April 1, 2012


"Yadi yadi yadi yo"
That's hello in scrobo language.. :D

Hi new readers, hey old readers, and kisses to those that missed my posts... I'm sorry, but I haven't had much to blog about.. Bn doing the same old shit everyday---> Wake up---> Library---> home..

I really want to travel, for say two days :( But I have no where to go :( * no love for me* :( Someone in the UK should offer to host me :)

Anyway, I went mountain climbing yesterday.. It was fun, stressful and unexpected. It was supposed to be a field trip where we could all play ball and have  a picnic and what not...
See people really carrying pots of jollof rice and chicken, only for us to get to the place, then we were told we were hill abi mountain climbing....
Most people just stayed down, while others went halfway.. But as a boss that I am now.. I went all the way to the top..
Omo my body still hurts like mad...

Oh, so it reminded me of a time in secondary school when we went mountain climbing, and  a friend of mine fell down.. Like bros was rolling down the mountain oohh.. It was scary yo! like so scary.. But luckily for him, his head is a bit bigger than most people's.. So it got trapped in the bushes....
That was how his head saved him that day..

Anyway, here are few of the pictures we took.. The guy with the camera was mistakenly recording videos instead of taking pictures, so I have like twenty,  five-seconds videos.

Enjoy hunnaayyyyys :)

The signature thing at the top of the hill
To me the going down part was the hardest of all.. my legs became wobbly

 The end :)


  1. Nice pictures......especially mine *winks*

    1. LOL! Of course beautiful... :* Your picture is actually the finest here.

  2. Loved the his head was big part lmao

  3. lol!! Lovin ur blog! Dat part: "...his big head...saved him..." so funny mehn. Reminds me of Chinomso Kalu V.C..ahahah!! *rotflmbo* :D

    1. LOL! I am not disclosing names :D
      Thanks hunnayyy