Saturday, April 7, 2012

7th and counting

At this junction, I'll like to say R.I.P to all the phones I misplaced, the ones that  were stolen and the ones that er... okay, that's all.
So this morning, I lost my 7th phone. It was at  a house party, haven't bn out for a while due to courseworks, so I decided to have a great time last night, you know that one off thing, downed appprox. fifteen shots of vodka or more, can't remember actually, but the last time I could count, I was on my 10th shot.. Smoked some er... just smoked... hustled for chips and chicken.. lol.. that was a scene.. guys hustling over food... It was priceless..
Anyway, then I felt sleepy, went to the room to sleep... And that was all I remembered. Woke up in the middle of the night phone-less.

My first lost phone was stolen in a robbery incident at home,thieves came to ours at night, and took all the phones..
The second fell off my laps when I got down from a car. 
The third one was a robbery incident again, came back from a party, was hanging outside my estate with a couple of friends, and viola! they came off the bike, and politely asked for our phones with guns pointed at our heads.
The fourth one was in Church! Yes ke! after service, the phone was in my bag, but by the time I got into the car, I realized I was phone-less... that was my first "black burry".. Bought it on Friday, and it got stolen the following Sunday..
The fifth was stolen in the market in Abuja.. it was in my bag this minute, and the next minute it was gone.
The sixth one fell off my laps when I got down from the bus.
Now the seventh one... *sigh* I'm too sure I wouldn't complain in future when my kids ask for phones over and over again, 'cos I can't like many people say "my phone has never bn stolen before"

You see why I hate humans and Earth, stealing monkeys.. I need to go back to Mars mehn! Humans piss me off the more day by day... 


  1. lool...ur fault nooni! shulda kept d phone in ur undies or pehaps not rily, afta 15 (or more) shots of vodka ke!

    1. LOL! That was the last thing I was thinking about at the point.. and I tend to trust a lot, so I didn't think anyone could steal it..

  2. Lmao. Wish u culd see me face ryt now. Anyway as the previos ones i enjoyed this one too. I like comment before. Nex time secure ur goods

    1. LOOL! You're just bn evil... but thanks all the same..
      Actually I forgot to count a scenario, this is actually the 8th one.. One was robbed at a house party about four years ago.

  3. we r sorry......... :(