Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I want my mommy :(

I really miss my mum :( And she JUST went back to Lagos last night.. First thing I did this morning was to call her phone :(


Okay, I'll break it down.

My mum works in Lagos and my dad in Abuja. So earlier this summer, my mum came to meet us in Abuja; she usually does whenever we are all home for vacation. Actually we came to get her from Lagos (just an excuse to come to Lagos :D)
So, she's bn in Abuja for a little bit over a month, and had to go back yesterday 'cos of work and all. Meaning I won't get to see her till my graduation in November. :(
I thought I wasn't going to miss her, 'cos bn a big girl and all :D I'm kinda used to staying without my family, but weirdly I've bn missing her all day :(
I'm sure I'll get better over the week though.:(

In other news:
- I'm almost done with outfit number two, and so far, it looks good :D I'll take a few pictures when I'm done with it.
- I'm taking designing classes: hopefully at the end of this week I'll be able to make designs on bags, shoes and facilitators :D
I feel like I've really achieved a lot this summer... :D
Btw! hope ya'll are doing great



  1. OMG! that baby is sooo cute lol!
    And Designing classes? O_o SUPER COOL!!!!
    You go girl!

  2. yaay! post pictures of the outfit when you're done..and awww, you're such a baby :p

  3. So an ugly child has gotten cuter now that I have posted this? Lol!

  4. @mzaurey Lol! I know right :D My future baby is gonna be as cute as that :D
    And thank you hun, I'll post some pictures soon.
    @kitkat LOL! I'm my mommy's baby :( I'll def post pictures of the outfit when i'm done..
    Thanks darling
    @Natural Nigerian Lol! yeah, an ugly child has gotten cuter... Thanks for leaving a commen