Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yay! I'm becoming a PRO

Hey darlings...
I've just bn really busy and lazy at the same time, dunno how that works, but trust my body to do odd things. 
Was gonna put the post up last Sunday, but ... *bleh* 
Anyway, now that we are at it. Right here is my collection, I made the skirt, from scratch. This isn't my outfit  two which I promised, outfit two is a dress, it kind of looks like a prom dress, I'll post it up when I have time to have a proper photo shoot. 
I told ya'll in my last post about my designing class, well here we go :D I redesigned the bag, it was just a plane black bag, I made the hair clip from Scratch :D 
I have some other stuff I made, I'll put them up in a separate post :D...
So Yup... that's all for now
And Thank you darlings for viewing my blog..
Much Love :D 

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