Friday, September 9, 2011

Sewing 2

Hey guys,

So I promised to show y'all my first real dress, and I always keep my promises :D well I always TRY to keep em....
I tried sewing a quite complicated style, and although I made a couple of mistakes, the dress still looks wearable, I still need to work on the fitting doe.
P.s there is a bit of extra news at the end of the post. Don't miss it :D

Extra news :D
After carrying out my research, I decided to finally pursue a part of my dream for the future, seeing as my childhood is long gone :(
Anyway, I'm introducing BARCADES hair and style to y'all. BARCADES hair and style is a subsidiary of BARCADES group, and we basically deal with hair extensions and African attires. We are still working on our online shop, when we have everything set up, we'll give you more information.
Please spread the word people and watch this space :D


  1. awww!Debbie! u dd well wiv d dress...and wen ur a deffz be buyin ur african dresses....gluck,bebe! :)

  2. oh btw i forgot 2 add....modellin to badt gan! :) mwah!

  3. Aww.. thanks darling :* I'll give you a special discount when I become a pro :D
    haha... tenz tenz :D *kiss*

  4. wow! that's huge..congrats giirl! & u sew pretty good, the dress is lovely! :)

  5. Talented! I wish I knew how to sew...but since I can't, I now know whom to meet :D

  6. Lol.. it's not really hard doe, I could always teach you :D
    And thanks darling :*

  7. I love it my debo...awww..your'e making your sis proud