Tuesday, June 14, 2011


  • 5 Days to my birthday *does the victory dance*
  • I've lost all inspiration, bn trying to come up with something to blog about, but so far so good, my brain has bn blank..-_-
  • My weeks have been a drag; nothing interesting, same old, same old...
  • I still haven't completed my 30 days challenge... Shame on me..
  • My summer body is kind of getting in shape :D 

  • My dad wants me to roast in Ireland.. :( "can I go to Jand" NO "Can I come to Naij" I'll think about it... I dunno what I have done to him ohh :'(
  • I think i'm going to close my TUMBLR (http://africangirlmeetsworld.tumblr.com) account. I'm totally over my tumblr crush, and it's just a waste of my jobless time...
  • I think i'm also going to close my twitter account... :(


  1. the turban looks good on u :D ..and lmao, i knew u'll soon be over tumblr! i was crazy about it at firsdt, but after reblogging about a million nice dresses and cute quotes i got bored! why d'you wanna leave twitter? :(

  2. Aaaww.. thank you :) I still get a few funny stares 'cos of the turban.... lol, tumblr is just a waste of time, same as twitter, but I doubt i'll have the courage to close my twitter account :(

  3. Leaving Twitter is the beginning of all peace and wisdom.

  4. Aaaahh! my sister, that is so true....
    btw! what happened to your tumblr?! I can't find it... :'(