Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I can hear the bells already... It's june baby
This should actually be my best June ever, because:
1. I will be 19  on the 19th of June * I know, i'm so young:(*
2. My result comes out this month, then I can officially say i'm a first class accounting and finance graduate :D *By the special grace of God*
Okay, I can't remember any other reason, but still, it's June baby.....
p.s I don't know what to do for my birthday:(  suggestions are welcome :) 
*I'll hopefully be in Lagos then*


  1. you're turning 19 and already a graduate? how cool is that!..congrats :)
    If you're going to be in lagos for your bday, the options are limited lol.

  2. Thanks hun :*
    It's not really cool, 'cos now I have to start acting like an adult :( *not that I haven't bn acting like one*
    Lagos is really my best bet, it's either there or Abuja, or Dublin, :( I'm just really confused

  3. I don't why this thing doesn't want to post my comment ohh...
    I hope it does this time around
    sha I will fry akara and bake cake for you on your birthday...
    am I not the best? *no reply required* :D :*

  4. Loooool! more like pap and akara, I don't want...
    I love you too much <3

  5. I know just a handful of people there, so i doubt i'll be spending my birthday there, but i'm def spending the most part of my summer there...

  6. Its just 7 more days, hope by now u've decided....hope ur gud? checked ur blog and wanted u 2 knw......Enjoy!

  7. Sadly, I still haven't decided :( I'll still be in Ireland by then, i'll probably just sleep and watch movies :(
    Thanks for coming by hun :*