Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear blogspot,

Dear blogspot,

I know you feel like i'm beginning to neglect you, I'm sorry love, tumblr has taken the best part of my days, but don't be in awe, you're still my first baby.

Yours sincerely,
Your lovely owner/Mother
Sister Debo

Today, is my first love's birthday..
This guy has tried for me, asin he is the reason I am the way I am today, God has used this man in so many ways, I cant begin to count the number of people who call him daddy, both old and young..
I'm thankfull to God for adding one more year to the life of my daddy.
I'll write a poem for him sometime this week and put it up..

Random:-I tied my 1st fashion turban out today, and I got stares, but Bleh! that’s just Dublin for you…
I’m def tying it again for my barbecue party tonight :D I’ll upload pictures too on my tumblr
p.s I tie scarves a lot, but not in turban form
2) I received a thanks note last night for my donation for the cancer cause, since I blogged about the donation, and I assume some of my readers donated, I have decided to put up the thanks note, and use this as a forum to thank those that donated in one way or the other, through prayers, money, caring words, e.t.c

thanks and God bless :) 
Crazy Gemini


  1. LOL yea tumblr can be addictive..and aww, did u get good or nasty stares when u tied the turban?

  2. Tumblr is too too addictive..
    baha.. mehn,I dont even know, both I guess...
    But I tied a different one for my barbecue and got compliments, i'll post the pic on tumblr this evening....

  3. Tumblr is pretty cool. I left Twitter and it is the perfect replacement :)
    Happy birthday to ur papa. Dads are the best!

  4. Ha, I see you...
    Thanks baybee :*