Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hi Barbie Debbie, Can we call you Jessica?

I think there should be a barbie named after me? 
Actually, not just named after me-- but one that looks and acts like me -- Beauty and brains remember? 

Yes I know, I know manufacturers of toys cannot exactly say how the toy should act-- but at least they can say its profession and probably give a list of things the toy can do. That way kids already have a good idea of the type of "mummy and daddy" games to play with their toys. Especially those ones that don't have the fear of God 😒😒😒

I digress.. 
So... this morning (after church please), don't start thinking "Instead of going to church, this one is thinking of barbies"
You know how you just feel like "heeey! I need to bless my timeline with some goodness -- Let's give them a 'bright' week
Yuuuup! That's how I felt this morning 

Understand the context of "bright" -- I have been called bright severally in the past few days -- apparently, my skin is shinning- I am really not understanding this

I have infact had the silliest conversations about how "shine shine bobo-ish" I am: 

Me: I am going to bed now
Friend: Okay, but I have one question for you

Me: (really thinking he had something ghen ghen to ask me) Yupp! What's up? 
Friend: when you put off the light, can we still use your face as light
Just negodu the type of friends I have.

Okay, back to this morning-- While in search of a picture to "light" up my TL, I found one from my friend Yemisi's birthday (I have been working on a post on this for days (In my head, I must add), but you see, starting a post is difficult, but completing it is even more difficult).
Nice picture, already graced with one of the best things since sliced bread -- the snapchat filter. But I wanted more.. I wanted the picture to be brighter, and then I remembered Yemisi's photoshop capabilities, and truly my friend lived and even surpassed my expectations -- All I wanted was a brighter picture, but instead I got a Barbie Debbie, shall we call her Jessica? 
Now the most interesting part of the photoshop wonders is that I never knew that you can "makeup" a picture, apparently there is the option to put foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and even do brows on a picture. 

Guys! I am genuinely worried about you-- How do you end up knowing how a woman really looks before you wife her? 
The real life (human makeup) and fake life (picture makeup) deceit is too much 

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