Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hi, I am back (I think)

Hey guys! 

I am back 😊😊... I've had the most awesome, intriguing, funny and silly past year, which I absolutely feel I should have shared with you all.

In my search for "doing more", I decided it was time to come back to blogging... I had two options: 
1. Start a fresh blog! New Debbie, New Lifestyle, New beliefs
2. Continue blogging here--- Reach out to my readers of almost ten years, same ones that had my blogging back in my younger days.

Of course as a loyal person that I am nah, I picked option two. 

In as much as I know I have changed, grown, developed, and even become more "womanly", I still believe I am still the same Debbie, just an improved Debbie... like the iphone X of the Debbie versions 😃

So yes, I am definitely back 😃

My blog, just like forever will be about the random things that happen to me daily --- the aha moments, the sad moments, the happy moments and of course the very weird moments (I seem to get these a lot). 

Incase, you have forgotten what I look like, please see the pictures I like the most right now (I recently decided to join the facebeat wagon, I cannot be carrying last in this century when iphone x's face detection won't be able to detect the face of its owner because she has wiped her makeup off 😩😩😩 (Issa dry joke, I know), and so after so many trial and errors (I had previously tried several YouTube videos, the only one I could actually understand was Dimma Umeh's freshers video) , I got my friend Fiona to take me through a day's makeup session --- viola! This is the end result:

I am really positive this time around, I'll actually be consistent in blogging (fingers crossed)



  1. Welcome back. I have given up on learning how to properly apply makeup.

    1. I think you just actually need to have a face to face class-- not all these plenty youtube tutorials

      Watching my friend do hers taught me more than 10 videos I watched

  2. Welcome back. I have given up on learning how to properly apply makeup.