Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation 2011

Hey Wazobians :D

Once again, Exams have arrived *whoop whoop* lol.. I shouldn't be happy, but hey!!! this babe is about to be done with her masters. And with so many people having their graduation and all, I just remembered I never posted my graduation pictures.... So here :)

Enjoy :)

Smile baby smile :D
Legs lomo
Yes baybe

LOL! My first year lecturers.. two of the coolest lecturers I know
Meet Deepthi :D I though her Nigerian english.. You should hear her say how far.. Too cool

My junior brother Bugsy :D Lo! Random, but I remember my friend once asking why is his name Bugsy? Does he look like a bug? *sigh*
Its dj Jazzy!!!!!!!! Fine boy plenty pimples :D

The love of my life, Raviro
Smile baby smile! you're now a graduate
Hug Uche! hug!!!!
Fine boy Jide
Say hi to Msaughterrrrrrr! Pronounced "Sute" Fine name toh bad

LOL! Tony will just be smilling
Finest boyyyy! Tosin

My twin sister :D

Aww! Ife feeding me :D Courtesy of Uche :)

- Debbie

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