Sunday, March 4, 2012

Throwback songs

LOL! If you ask me for the meaning of the title, i honestly will just fumble :D It just came to my head...

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? mine was chiiiillllleeed! no pictures tho :p But yeah it was really good, the only bad part was I couldn't study... :( But not to worry, i'm going to the library after church today :D I should be in church now, but I am blogging *sigh* I'm gonna be late:(
May the good God have mercy on me...
Anyway, enjoy these old school videos. We had it then... We really did! Talents have gone in Naij :( Now everyone has haters, and sing about haters alone... Yet they'll say they don't have imaginary friends... Nicurh! those haters are in your imagination.

I love the concept of the "walakolombo" song the best..

Have a beautiful week :*
p.s I'm going to do a photo challenge i.e I'll upload a pic everyday for the next twenty something days of the month :D Or atleast I'm going to try ..

Kisses :*

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