Saturday, February 11, 2012

My worst break Up

Hey guys,
how is your weekend going?

Okay, so I am thinking of having guest speakers on the blog once again with a new topic this time, "my first/worst break up". Judging from the last time I had guest speakers on the topic "Sex---> the first time" I think it was pretty chilled, and I got positive comments.

So if you're interested in telling your interesting break up story, how you cried, the chocolates you ate, how fat you grew and things like that for babes, or how you smashed other babes to get over the whore that broke up with you.. I'll be glad to hear them, just leave a comment or send me a message on facebook "Debbie Belle Motilewa" or tweet at me "itsdjdebbz" or better still, send me an email "". And not to worry, I respect privacy, so I shall be writing the stories without direct reference to the speakers.

Oh and don't worry I am pretty cool and easy to talk to, no form of forming, so feel free to tell me your stories

To read the old post on "sex--> the first time" here are the links : )


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