Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis

I know I carried last here, but I'm not really a news person. I try to listen to the news once in a while, but it's never easy.
Anyway I've been hearing the name 'Troy Davis' for a while now, but I just never paid attention, not untill I randomly went on twitter yesterday and stalked one of my old crushes and saw his tweet on Troy. So er, I had to know what this dude was talking about. You know 'cos in my head this crush dude and I were married in the past with two kids, then we got a divorce :( *sigh, the things that go on in my head*

Okay back to Troy, I got on yahoo this morning and read the news update *that's the only form of news I ever get to see, apart from the occasional newspaper read*

I don't really have an opinion about his death, in as much as most people think he is innocent, and some went as far as proving his innocence, only God knows if he actually killed the police officer.*that's the crime he committed right? :D*
But still lethal injection doe? I dunno if he deserved death. 1) They couldn't prove 100% that he was guilty. What if after his death the real criminal confesses, or something weird happens and they find out he was actually innocent.
2) An eye for an eye? I'm sorry, I just can't be a judge 'cos that's just JUDGING people, and I'm really a bible person, and my bible says "he that judgeth others shall be judged" or something like that sha
And the eye for an eye principle was during Moses' time, when Jesus came he changed that principle.

But on the bright side, atleast Troy knew he was gonna die, and hopefully had the chance to ask Jesus to be his Lord and savior if he hadn't done that earlier.

Back to me :D I'm getting my hair did/done today and I have to pick between dreads and long braids.... Hmmm! I'll decide when I get to the saloon

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