Friday, September 23, 2011

First Client

*jumps on table and wiggles small bom bom*
I just got my first client  :D 
Cool down Deborah.. Cool down
*inhales deeply*
LOL! okay let me explain; I went out today carrying one of the bags I designed *pictures at the end of the post*
And this lady saw it, liked it and asked where I got it. 
I gladly used the opportunity to advertise my "fashion label",
Sha, long story cut short, she asked me to redesign hers promising to pay me BIG BIG MONEY :D lol! actually i'm doing it for her for very little, 'cos she is my first client....

Ignore my big head x_x


  1. Deborah come on skype we have to discuss business

  2. Yes ma'm :D
    Btw.. thank you so much for leaving a comment :)

  3. that is a lovely bag... i'm happy for you...
    i wanna learn arts and crafts like this..

    first timer here
    check out my blog too

  4. Aww... Thank you... It's never too late to learn doe...
    And thanks for dropping by my blog; don't be a visitor; you're always welcome here :D
    Btw.. Your blog is inaccessible.. Said something about getting an invite