Friday, July 8, 2011

I have a 10pm curfew, and it's summer, freaking summer. Clubs, bars, every sensible place closes at 10pm because of the potential terrorists being raised in Abuja,.
I want to go to Lagos, but I can't, because my mum is traveling. My only other option is to stay at a friend's and I am really not up to it.
I want to pay for my BIS, but I can't, because I want to stop bn a twitter addict.
My dad employed me as his P.A, but the earliest I woke up this week was 11am.
Right now my summer is really not cutting it, and I really needed to rant. Hence the post.
I lost my money during my journey, which now leaves me at the mercy of my allowance from my parents, and unlike this post which I think is really thoughtful, I have not found God in my missing money :(



  1. :( sorry babe.
    Did you tell your folks you lost your money?
    Try wake up early for your pa job though.. if it's paid.

  2. Telling them won't make a difference, cos they wont reimburse me :( and I asked my dad about the pay, and the man told me he pays for my school fees :(
    Right now, Nigeria feels weird :( I really feel like going back..
    btw thanks hun :*

  3. Just seeing this. that totally sucks. LOL@ your father's response though.