Friday, June 24, 2011

Near death experience

I really don't know what brought this memory back to my head... but i'm currently on my bed watching big brother while chilling for my friend to get dressed...
Anyway, I was-- what? 10 I think? can't really remember how old I was...
It took me a while to learn how to swim, because for an unknown reason I was scared of water. My mum finally got me this really good swimming teacher *can't remember his name* and with time, I became a really good swimmer.

So on this faithful day, my family and I went to the beach; bar beach in Lagos, that was when bar beach was still BAR BEACH. Sha, I was with my uncle, and we were playing at the shore, he was trying to swim and all, then jokingly acted like he was drowning, so me now, with my almighty head and I too know attitude at that time, decided to act the hero and save him.

Next thing, the waves came and carried me, that was how my uncle was shouting oh, trying to come after me, took a couple of minutes for the life savers to realize what was happening. Minutes later they were carrying me back to the shore...

My parents were totally freaked out, and for a couple of years we didn't even go near a beach.
I wish I could remember how I felt at that point, like what was going through my mind.. but no, my fish brain won't let me :(

Please do share your near death experiences, if you have any :)



  1. i was a on a motocycle...on my way to kindergarten in uganda. i think i was 7... a military car was driving towards us like MAD crazy. and the road wasn't wide. so the driver i was with plus my cousin in the back, had no choice but move at the way. and that's when the pipe hit me thigh and burnt me. i still i have scar. and i'm to embrassed to wear shorts. but ey, God made me perfect.

  2. Wow... you must have bn so scared..:(
    atleast you have a tale to tell..