Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Issaaaa Shiloh Husband

Hey guys, 
I am very lazy these days 😐😐 
I literally just sleep, eat, watch "big mouth" and drive from Ota to Lagos (Some people I consider "family", have turned me to a driver in the past month)
I originally typed this post over a week ago, but the deep sense of laziness I feel these days has made it so difficult to edit and publish 😦😦 
Two weeks ago, I attended "Shiloh"— Basically, a week set aside every year, where thousands and thousands of people come to seek God’s face in Canaanland. 
As usual, I had an absolutely amazing time -- being able to seek God's face concerning the coming year and the rest of my life.
But, just as we all know, when many people gather together in a place --- you'll have to deal with people's very different characters --- the Good, the bad and the somehow 😒😒😒
Just see that man finely photobombing the picture 😒
I know I may have deceived you to believe I am a "people person", but really, I also love my silence -- I am an Ambivert -- So just imagine how it felt being surrounded by thousands and thousands of people for a whole week-- sigh 

But haayyy! I got what I was around for -- my personal experience with God, so I am good to go

I deviate! Now on to this post, I had a strong "lol" moment during the one week experience

Shiloh Husband: 
During the course of Shiloh, we usually have a time set aside to share God's faithfulness through what we call "testimony time". On this faithful day, a man came up to share how he strongly believed God for a wife for a long time, after several trials, he attended the previous year's shiloh really expectant.
At the end of the service one day, just as he was about to take the bus home, he spoke to a certain lady, and viola! A few months later, the lady became his wife.  

Of course Nigerians decided to put it into practice immediately

That day, I didn’t hear word— It was like everyone wanted to tap into the Shiloh wife blessings. I can’t count how many men walked up to me between the 7 minutes walk from the church auditorium to my house, trying to initiate potential wife conversation.

It got to a stage that I just had to tell them directly before they made the conversation too long
Man: God bless you sister. 
Me: God bless you too. 
Man: How are you? 
Me: I am not your shiloh wife ooo 

Let’s just go straight to the point biko. 

In other non-shiloh husband related news, I seriously need to get out of my lazy phase-- Maybe I should add it to my "New year, New me" plans 😑😑😑.
Please feel free to clearly read the sarcasm in that last sentence.

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