Friday, May 15, 2015

Oh Thorn, what shall I do with you?

I had a little incident yesterday. As sweet and nice as I am (Yes, You are allowed to blow your own horn). I heard there was a "meeting" where my name was possibly mentioned.
I did a backtrack, thinking "hmmn! Who could have engineered this conversation", and I narrowed it down to two people I may have onetime called "my friends". And it got me thinking about TRUST.
Trust is a firm belief in reliability. We all want one or two persons we can "trust" to always have our backs.
We all want one or two persons we can "trust" to not carry gist about us.
But what happens when you trusted the wrong person?
The bible says "FORGIVE AND FORGET".
Is that all? Do I forgive and forget and still be very cool with the person?
No. You forgive and FORGET. Forget the person, be careful about the person, limit your "gist" telling.
Clear your conscience, but give some distance.
We also understand from God's word that not everyone around us has a positive influence in our lives, so if you have to once in a while remove thorns parading as "friends", why not?
It is normal to get hurt by people. What matters is how you react.
So in as much as I wanted to have a "WORD" with said culprits, in as much as I wanted to give them a piece of my mind, what did I do instead?
I went home, had fruits, watched two nice movies and had a good sleep.

Have an amazing weekend.
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