Monday, January 5, 2015

Inspiration with Debbie - Who are You?

Hey darlings,
Happy new yearrrrr!!!! I pray this year brings Heavens on Earth in Every aspect of our lives.

I hope and pray I am able to blog more this year, I pray God gives us the strength and Grace to accomplish destiny this year.

I know most of us are back at work/school, and have to make critical decisions for the year, I have bn inspired to inspire mostly the young ones around my life with short clips of things I strongly believe in through a series I am tagging "Inspiration with Debbie"

This short video (less than 10 minutes :D) is my first video from the series, and I am sure everyone can pick a thing or two from it.

Please watch, understand and most importantly share.

I love you all, because God Loved us First.

Have an Amazing 2015


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