Saturday, April 6, 2013

Workers Attitude In Nigeria

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am about to rant. I am tired of workers' attitude in Nigeria; especially service providers. Whatever happened to taking your job seriously? Making your customers happy and satisfied? Attending to you customer/client's needs?

So yesterday, I went to The NYSC office to submit my acceptance letter... I approached one of the workers, with smiles I went, you know trying to form the whole cute girl thing...
Me: Hi, good afternoon sir *smiles* I came to submit my acceptance letter... Who do I give it to?
The man reluctantly turns to face me and sluggishly answers
Man: where did you get posted to?
Me: *still smiling* JW. Hippo, Asokoro sir
Man: okay... Go to room 5 and ask for Mrs xxxx
Me: *still smiling* Thank you
At this point, I should explain that i had this conversation with an accent. I found out in camp that having a British or an American accent gets you attention and takes you places your normal Nigerian accent may not take you... So hell yeah! I practised the accent I picked from my five years of living abroad :/
Anyway, so I went to room 5 to find Mrs xxx... However, the office was empty...
So I went back to mr Sluggish... Still with an accent and a smile
Me: There is no one in room 5 sir...
Man: Come back tomorrow.
Me: *eyes wide open* er... Tomorrow is Saturday
Man: *asks colleague* who collects letter for Asokoro?
Colleague: ehn Mrs xxx
Man: come back on Monday then..
Me: Sir, isn't there anyone else I can see?
Man: Cant you see I have a headache *still speaking in a small monotone voice oo*
How I am supposed to see he has a headache I don't understand ooo, not like he was putting his hand on his head and wailing like in all those panadol adverts o
Man: Please I don't have strength. I have a headache, there is nothing I can do for you.
Yes! He was somewhat more polite than some workers I've met in Nigeria.... But eiyysss! He has a headache so he cant attend to me? Like really???? What is he getting paid for? Why come to work if you know you wont perform your duties? Why not just call in sick?
I was really disappointed really.
I have heard of loads of experiences with lazy, non-chalant, rude workers... But heyyy! My smile and accent have worked real good for me.

How's the weekend going guys? I start work on Monday... I am actually looking forward to it... You know the first real step into adulthood... I pray and hope I gain fulfilment :)
Have a nice weekend babies *kiss kiss*


  1. where you working?
    Girl , nigerians working in nigerian companies/ in nigeria (most) don't know what customer service is, always grumpy and acting like theres a mortar on their head that would drop and pound them if they act right, annoying ass shit! lol, went to eat at a nigerian rest. recently and I just remembered the attitude of the hostess.

    1. Tell me about it.... Gosh! So annoying... I am working at Jw. Hippo ltd -electric... Its an electrical engineering firm here in Abuja. We need to really catch up soon oo

  2. My dear! This is exactly the frustration i get in 9ja!

    1. There really is nothing more annoying... *sigh*