Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OOTD & Updates

Hey Guys :) 

How is it going? So I decided to do an OOTD post "again" seeing as I am too lazy to write a real post. 

1. I am thinking of going to Nigeria sometime around November for NYSC, however, news got to me recently that I have to come home as soon as possible to process it, seeing as they'll be needing my international passport et al.
2. I am showcasing at a fashion show here in Aberdeen on the 30th of September, I am so excited, can't wait.
3. I might have to move to London soon :( I don't want to, I am scared of big cities, and my "lover" is in Aberdeen :( 
4. Although I am scared of big cities, I want to do my youth service in lagos, I feel like it will be so much fun, however, my whole family is in Abuja, and my dad doesn't want me in Lagos :( I am still trying to persuade him to let me live in Lagos.
The question is, should a babe have the same mentality?

 "Ya'll are welcome to send me a message or drop a comment if you are interested in bn guest speakers" My email address is Male and female participants are equally welcome

Dress: Zara
Crop Top: H&M
Sandals: River Island
Hair: Dreads by Debbie ^_^
Scarf: Deedee's
Model: Princess Debbie ^_^ 


  1. Mehn you have long feet though. What are you, a size 24?

    1. Lmaoooo! I am too sure I know who this "anonymous" is.. LOL!