Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hey darlings,

Sorry for the long and dry days on my blog, I have bn soooooo LAZY! Chori chori, dunno if there is actually a lazier person than me.
I am currently trying to work on my dissertation, I haven't still seen my supervisor due to my laziness, as I don't have anything substantial to show the brother. My dissertation topic is ......... *wait for it* ......*wait.. wait.. wait* *drum rolls* The effect of oil price volatility on the economic development of oil producing countries, a cross sectional case study of Norway and Nigeria.. Ghen! Ghen! Yes I am smart like that. And at this stage I am supposed to be working on at least my third chapter, but this bebe geh is still on her first chapter. May the good Lord help me.

So it was my birthday on the 19th of June, and.......... well I had fun :) Went on a lunch date with a friend :)

Had a couple of friends over at mine at night..

Wasn't really planing on doing anything, 'cos well. er... babes are broke :( But my friends came through for me... It was a last minute thing, but it still came out PIMPIN' lol.

I received beautiful presents from beautiful friends :) I felt looovvvvveeedddd :D

Sha, 24 hours, and my birthday was over.. I think I am actually now really mature, cos normally I start sulking when my birthday is about to come to an end, but this year, I was actually cool about it... Debo is growing old ooohhh...

Few days after my birthday, Deedee came over *yup yup* the mistress travelled from manchester to Aberdeen, *one of the best birthday presents* her birthday was a day after her arrival, so we had a small get together at mine also.. It was pretty cool, but at a point I started begging everyone to go to their houses.. Biko I wanted to sleep.

Deedee made meat pie for me.. lol

I have finally, done a bit about my online shop :) and have attached it as a section of my blog. So those that have bn patiently waiting for me to start selling, My pieces are finally available for purchase. Just click the button at the top of the page with "Shop Debbie's" and follow the instructions. Don't forget to tell your friends about my shop, WITH EVERY CUSTOMER YOU BRING, YOU GET A DISCOUNT.

I have missed you guys, and hope to start blogging regularly again 

Debbie :)

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