Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

I am not sure how many people have this same perspective, but I hate disappointments, so I try as much as possible to avoid them.. Over the years, I have kind of shifted my perception about certain things.. For example, in my undergrad when I prayed like never before and worked really hard, I practically slept in the library, all for a first class, but instead came out with a 2.1.. I was devastated.. The most annoying part was I missed a first class with about two percents.
I then kind of became a "whatever goes person" i.e. anything I have no power over, I don't really care what happens. I justified it all with the common saying "God has a reason for everything"

In church today, the pastor spoke about a woman, whose son died, and instead of taking him to the mortuary, took him home, locked the doors and entered into a heart felt praise and worship.. 24 hours later, the son was still dead.. 48 hours, still no life, after 72 hours, the son jerked back to life.
The woman must have bn really patient, and strong willed. As far as am concerned, she knew what she was aiming at, and was not gonna allow death or anything obstruct her.
This brought me back to my "free spirit" "YOLO" self.. I'm too sure if I was the one, from the hospital I would have just said "God has a reason for everything" and given up there.
Anyway, I've decided, with the help of God to learn to fight the good fight of faith. Fight with all I have, Fight for the faith I have bn taught to believe in.

I'll like to hear from anyone that has a contribution, support is needed here.
Oh I have turned to a Church prostitute :( Jumping from church to church.. I think I go to a different church every other Sunday.. :(
Pray for a sister brethren, pray for a sisteh!


  1. toh! Faith is a funny thing... a very very funny thing! to tell u why? i doont believe the story the pastor told u entirely cos he was told dt story by a woman. now i am not sayin git dnt happen or cnt happen, im jst saying it hasnt happend to me and i avnt seen it with my eyes sooo im abit 'skeptical'...i understand wat u mean by living life the way of 'God has a purpose for everything' me it can degenrate to being cowardly, but like the saying on my dad's favorite mug goes....

    God grant me

    'the serenity to accept the things i cannot change; the courage to change the things i can; and the wisdom to know the difference'...

    This is my prayer when im hit with challening situations i cannot figure out. lol

    p.s i was a church prostitute and den i av settled for a church i was introduced to by a 'love interest' of mine, jst so i can see him every wik :)..... whatever it is, im grateful u go to church :D

    1. I decided not to reply this comment on time, because I needed to really think deep about it. Thanks a lot for your comment.

      I know faith is a very funny thing, however it is with faith that even if you didn't see the woman's miracle with your two koro koro eyes, you still believe it, hoping when faced with difficult challenges, the faith will manifest itself in your own life. Now assuming the woman's story was a "story" by believing God can perform such miracles, you are telling God you believe in his word.

      Ahh! trust me, i know it is a cowardly act, and a lazy one honestly... but ahhhh! lol.. i hate having my hopes dashed, so it kind of works for me. I've raised a few prayer points recently tho, telling God to take it away from me...

      And lastly, i'll like to say, I have finally found "the church" haven't prostituted for a while now.. lol "love interest" may the good Lord deliver you..

      Once again, thank you so much for your comment... and please don't stay anonymous next time :* :*