Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's bn almost ten years since I first met you.
Five out of ten, you were the black boy in the other class
The one with the hot best friend
You were hot, don't get me wrong,
But I had a crush on him not you.
If I was told then that  I'll be writing this about you
I'm too sure I would have laughed
Such stupidity? When we never said a word.

"Debo, you again"
was what you said when you caught me fapping chicken
It was awards night, I had paid for the food and hadn't eaten
I was forced to be on the dance floor all night
While the caterers watched over the bouquet of food I paid for
That was the last meal of the night
The suya chicken,
I had to have my money's worth

You helped me fap chicken,
Four pieces, I remember taking back to dorm
Of course I didn't eat them all
Boarding school and natural beggars
lol Had to share with those that didn't get
As embarrassing as it was when you caught me with four pieces of Chicken
I'm glad you did
If not, I'm too sure I wouldn't be writing this right now.

You've bn there through thick and thin,
Listening to my daily bullshit,
Allowing me transfer my anger of the day to you
Even when we don't talk for days
I still know you care
Even when we have a fight,
I know I can still call you.

I never say this enough,
I love you Tengi.
You're my best friend in the world
I'll show this to your kids in future
So they know what an awesome best friend you are to "Aunty debbie" :D
Yes! they have to call me aunty
No famzing allowed.

This is my lame attempt at writing a poem :( Haven't written one in ages


  1. hahaha love u too Debo!...Debbz lol no famzing allowed
    - Tengi

  2. LOL! Ya famzing me.. don't call me Debbz