Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today UK, tomorrow the world 2

Hey wazobians :D

Shush jo! Wazobian is a posh name, don't carry last.
How was valentine's day? Anything special happen? Wanna share? Hit the comment box.

Anyhoo my valentine's day was aite...  I traveled to Glasgow then Manchester for the kings of Comedy show. The show was aite, Davido and Flavour killed the night tho.

I think I have just a few months left in the UK, so I'm trying to see as many places as possible in the short period.

P.S my camera had mental problem and took dead pictures that night, so I kind of gave up on it. here are the few manageable pictures

Queen st. train station Glasgow

My friend Salami 

I had to fight Salami to take the picture, we were gonna miss our train to Manchester
Fine girl? ehn! I know :D We missed our train tho
LOL! I too know! I don't know who sent me to the control room or whatever it is called in the train
Fine boy, plenty pimples 
Manch bayyybbeee!!
My beautiful Deedee waiting for me at the train station in Manchester 
Hadn't seen this bitch in years...

Bum bum tho! 
Fine girl :D 
Let's go see Davidooooooo!

The show.. my camera had brain touch :( 

Theresa bayyyybbbeee. LOL! I didn't know what to do with my face :( 
LOL! Deedee's mouth :( Theresa doing sexy sexy :D

Salami was the terrible camera man

All the way from Birrrrrmmingham

Friend, Salami, Damola and Theresa... 

Meet Deedee's friend Edward
We went to a fast food after the show: too many hungry guys. The name of the fast food is "funky chicken" i was too scared to eat the chicken, didn't want some funky movements in my tummy

Legs Lomo!!!!! 
Time for Jellof rice :D
I am proud of what I made :D 
Pepper chicken Lomo! 
Bum bum don't lie
My souvenir dress from Deedee
Yes! I have not chopped chicken before