Friday, August 12, 2011

Airport Troubles

Some people can be really senseless doe. Ahn han! Did you sell your brain for akara?!
Why should you put your head in what doesn't affect you? Are you really that daft. kmt!
So, on Wednesday last week I was travelling to Lagos from Abuja, and while in the waiting area,I got bored and decided to go for a walk. But seeing as I was in the waiting room, the only walk I could get was walking around the room. Nigerians being Nigerians, they started looking at me like I was drunk. I obviously expected that, but that didnt stop me from doing my walk.

While walking je je li oh, not disturbing anyone, I had to pass between two men that were having a discussion, and then one of the men tried stoping me, telling me not to pass in between them. AHN HAN! Did he build the airport? Abi did his father build the airport ni? I sha didnt answer the guy; I passed between them, and made sure I passed between them a second time.. What rubbish? I know, I like trouble, but I only look for trouble when you enter my business.

Sha, the guy now took it very personal, and went to report me to the airport authorities, and told my sister to tell me to stop walking around the airport..
But really doe, how is it affecting the man? When did they appoint him as the minister of walkers?!
At this point, I was already irritated, and went to meet the guy, asking what his problem was? If his father built the airport? How my walk was affecting him?
That's how it turned to debate at the airport oh! Everyone had something to say. Some even said I was a threat to them. THREAT? Did they see me carrying bomb? I asked if they knew the meaning of 'threat' that they were saying. Luckily, I had more supporters "Those who are with us, are more than those against us". Lol! That was how one lady said, the man was just a shy fool. instead of him to just politely say "hey beautiful, can I know your name" he had to make a scene. The irony of the whole situation was that while they were debating, I didnt even say anything, I just continued my walk.

Sha, when it was time for us to board, while on the queue, PHCN took the light. Omo see how fear gripped me oh!   All these people that were already beefing me, what if they decided to kidnap me. Twuueehh!
Luckily they brought the light a minute later, and we boarded.
Before we took off, the pilot made his usual announcement, but no! there had to be something new in the one this pilot said " Please switch off your phone, if you dont switch off your phone, we'll turn this plane around and drop you off" Shhwwoo! This was getting serious.
Apparently a dude didn't switch off his BB throughout the journey, and it turned to racks when we landed. Some people even said they should take the dude to EFCC. EFCC really? Na money laundering?
Before the pilot finally stopped the plane self, we had to pray and fast. The guy just kept on going round in circles. He went round about 15 times.

Luckily, I got home in one piece, and had fun in Lagos; I miss Lagos :(
But I'm glad to be back in Abuja doe.. :)



  1. hmm!! people can be so irritating sometimes! im glad you had supporters could have turned into something else if you didnt. lol

  2. Lol! I know right..
    thanks for dropping a comment :)

  3. Haha..That was interesting..i wish i was with you..i like trouble..

  4. LOL! I know you like trouble...
    we'll def re-live all our trouble experiences some day soon